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Designing a New GE: Stage Two

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I am grateful for the GE Design Committee’s many, many hours of exemplary “university thinking.” I concur with their assessment that BYU deserves a general education program that captures and reinforces our university identity, is easy for students and faculty to navigate, provides more common learning experiences, and is more efficient. I invite you to participate in our campus discussion about General Education in ways that help us pursue and achieve these goals.

President Kevin J. Worthen

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What Students Say about Revising GE

The fact that we know they are revising the GE system. It's an out of date flawed system that doesn't attend to student's specific needs. It is encouraging that they are working to reform it and that they took the first step to involve student perspective on the process.

I thought it was very interesting the whole idea of adjusting GEs to fulfill students’ needs better. I love that they are taking initiative to change and adapt the outdated policies and requirements.

That GE's are getting a makeover - much needed.

To know that administration is attempting to do something about GE’s, it is a common frustration for most students and needs to be revised and changed.

The most encouraging thing for me was that they have heard the issues with GE’s and are doing things and getting feedback to make them better.

--Responses of Student Advisory Council members to presentation about revising GE

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The Student Experience

Research on the conditions that allow students to thrive (not just survive) on college campuses emphasizes the following elements: engaged learning; academic determination; positive perspective; diverse citizenship; social connectedness; and, for BYU, spiritual confidence. That same research points to the importance of sustained attention to advisement, faculty development and curriculum. The new model should consider how general education can contribute to student thriving via faculty development and a well-crafted general curriculum. -From the Charge

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