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What the Committee is Reading

Spencer W. Kimball, "Climbing the Hills Just Ahead: Three Adresses"

I am constantly impressed with this beautiful campus. I am awed by the power of the administration and faculty, and as I see the thousands of students, I want to sing, "Behold! A Royal Army." The uniqueness of Brigham Young University lies in its special role--education for eternity-- which it must carry in addition to the usual tasks of a university. This means concern--curricular and behavioral--not only for the "whole man," but also for the "eternal man." [ read more]

Kevin J. Worthen, "BYU: A Unique Kind of Education"

There are at least two key ways in which we are already distinctive from most other universities. And when you put these two features together, I believe they make us truly unique in ways that are consistent with our prophetically approved mission. [ read more]

David Brooks, "This is How Scandinavia Got Great"

The New York Times, Feb. 16, 2020

Almost everybody admires the Nordic model. Countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland have high economic productivity, high social equality, high social trust and high levels of personal happiness. Progressives say it’s because they have generous welfare states. Some libertarians point out that these countries score high on nearly every measure of free market openness. Immigration restrictionists note that until recently they were ethnically homogeneous societies. What really launched the Nordic nations was generations of phenomenal educational policy.

[ read more]